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Another one of those Happiest Places on Earth!

Tokyo Disney Resort: cast, crew + fans
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After scouring lj and joining copious amounts of disney-related communities, I found that there were no exclusive ones for Tokyo Disney Resort and thought it would be nice to have one for anyone that ever visited, wants to visit, or even worked there before.

This is a community to post anything Tokyo Disney-related, whether it be trip plans, photo-documentations or fun stories and memories. =D

As far as rules go, I just ask for courtesy and politeness towards fellow members it'd be great for new members to throw out a little intro so this community can seem more like an actual community, rather than a random amalgamation of faceless characters! All the info you need to provide is what you feel like providing; I suggest a name or nickname, where you're from + why this community interested you! If you want to add more, that's cool too!

And of course, have fun!


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